5 Things YouTube Has That Vidme NEEDS!

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  • [ – ] duffy reply thank you for the feedback! hearing from you guys helps make us better. And congrats on the 100 followers!
    • Proto parent reply Thank you very much, also thank for the comment. Not often do you see interaction between site and user (unlike another site we all know :P)
  • [ – ] VanceSova reply Agree with most points but it should be implemented with caution so it doesn't turn into YT. The trolls on YT are rampant. I hope they are kept out of here forever.
  • [ – ] BrianAiya reply I'm pretty sure that Vidme is looking and learning from Youtube. They will eventually do most of the things you mentioned
    • [ – ] maceblingdoo parent reply yes, but dosen't that raise the issue of them just being exactly like youtube? Why did people come here in the first place really we have to keep in mind.
      • maceblingdoo parent reply Where did the censorship policy come from and why? if we don't pay attention and learn these lessons we're going to repeat it.
  • MotionMaker reply nah, vidme dont needs livestreams. more channel options....like customasation the channel, like in good old youtube times? <3 that would be awesome! playlists...yes! definitly needed for lets plays for example! the rest i dont mind.
  • MrATAndreiThomas reply I want Vidme to implement annotations so we can all make our own outros on the end of our videos that we produce for this community.
  • Sacotra reply Love your vids man
  • maceblingdoo reply The minute you add partners to vidme it's just going to end up as Youtube 2.0 and we'll be doing this all over again. Keep it simple. Keep the ads on vidme's site and out of the video's themselves. Keep it donation based and we'll keep the vultures that infested youtube away.
  • DecadesApartProductions reply I've never used playlists or live stream so I could care less about those but I definitely agree about the analytics and annotations points.
  • Dreyson reply I'd be cool with some live streams. It'd be nice to interact with the community and followers live
  • HeZoKo reply yoooo i cant wait for the updates its gonna be LIT!!!
  • AftermathGaming reply Yeah boooooooooooy
  • thepaulthomson reply Booyah!! I am loving each of these points, man! You totally nailed it!
  • EmmanuelGoldstein reply It needs to allow public domain content! Yes, as I found out, Vidme doesn't seem to allow that, or the very least you won't get verified if you have it. I also made a video explaining it in more detail.
  • edmsquad reply Would you kindly check us out? We have Free music for your vids :)
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