Edge Lord

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  • SamEarl13 reply 6.6/6 Amazing story lol, love how it was read like a creepypasta :P
  • sarah reply this is what i needed
  • duffy reply ahahahahaha
  • Bobbert_Salmen reply That was too funny to watch lol. The fact that one person said it was read like a creppypasta is so unusual but way too funny even thinking about it now lol
  • zoldos reply I love Taco Bell. I'll take a triple double 5 buck box. :)
  • pianoelectro reply You have learned the ways of the fast-food chain... - Ss
  • Proto reply WHAT! HAHAHAHAHA
  • userXVI reply Tripple K rap
  • JamieLeigh reply I love your name. But why is it a thing now? Too many snowflake names make my head want to explode like a grape.
  • Stoonios reply this story touched my soul ;u;
  • Rawman reply Haha that was pretty cool that Jesus came to you and said to do the right thing. That is a very impressive moment. Woooo!!!!! Your new total was $4.20. your level of edge is waaaayyyyy up there.. it's it's wayyyyy up there.
  • [ – ] nodetact reply Jeebus Chris: Son of the edgiest lord of them all, God Alright alright alright! Also, Duffy is totally pitching in that two dollars to help @letmespeak deepen his total even further to *drum roll* $2.13. Yeeeeeah mah boiiiiiii Like, sometimes, I wonder how even Vidizens like @CrazyRocky and @itsOnlyRawman don't question their OWN sanities than rather questioning the very internet memes themselves. Now THAT'S edgy!
    • [ – ] Rawman parent reply Couldn't even watch this video for 7 seconds. The dudes mic was making NASTY mouth spit sounds hahaha... But hey he did make the video 5 months ago he's probably better now... NOW THAT'S EDGE!!!!
      • [ – ] wazy1 parent reply I have the same mic, I just use it properly now and drink water while I'm recording. In other words, I'm not that big of a dunce anymore. A few slip through every now and again but it's no where as near as bad as this video lol.
        • Rawman parent reply Hahahahaha fantastic. I can't top that edge!! Honestly I was just joking because I didn't have time to watch. I'll review it later.
      • nodetact parent reply Yeah, i bet i sound cringe whenever i attempt to even meme, but at the same time that's at least partially how i perceive them in the first place. And he had to start somewhere at least so that his content would lead to verification and monetization and then eventually a way to upgrade his own equipment, but who knows what this'll do
  • Sogen reply This gentleman is clearly too hardcore for me. :(
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