Suicidal Tendencies

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  • KittyCatia reply Ah ok, I guess it just wasn't my type of humour so I didn't get it. Nevermind
  • KittyCatia reply What on earth is the point of this video? It's not informative, it's not comforting, it's not even touching. Who is this aimed at? To suicidal people? To people who don't understand suicidal tendencies? I'm at loss.
  • mikestrat8904 reply Yes I am psychological psychotic, and my videos are intended to be very psychotic, and funny! My dark twisted sense of humor is afflicted in my mind, but I am a man of peace, and love! Please don't be fooled by my dark twisted sick humor Lol! I have more love in my heart then hate in fact I have no hate at all! I am just a humble crazy entertaining fool who happens to be psychologically screwed up!
  • mikestrat8904 reply it's also funny, because it's a psychotic music video too!
  • mikestrat8904 reply It's ok, this kind of dark twisted humor is only for deranged people with a twisted since of humor like me, I think this psychotic video is funny!
  • mikestrat8904 reply It's Just a crazy psychotic Joke, not aimed at anyone or any point, just psychotic dark twisted humor!
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