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  • AmbitonKingster reply hey ianni its me kingster
  • [ – ] Roamancing reply A pleasure to meet you, Gavin! Looking forward to your videos.
  • [ – ] FrostyGalaxy reply I can't wait for great videos
  • [ – ] Lindenbree reply So I watched this and your other two videos. To be clear, this is commentary on more than just this video, since you asked for opinions. I'd put this on your channel discussion instead IF VIDME HAD THAT BUT IT DOESN'T. Anyway, the mentos one, honestly, it was hard for me to see what was going on. As for the other two, Zimbo is right that a higher camera level and better lighting would help. Also, to say a video features someone when you just play audio clips from the person, and they never collabed with you, is pretty misleading. What you say is passionate, which is good, but... I'm also not entirely sure what you're talking about half the time, so more context would be nice. What did keemstar do, did he call YouTubers stupid? Vidme roasted Keemstar... I think? What are you talking about? I haven't heard any of this before. For positives, I like some of the editing, like the sarcastic "Breaking News: Youtubers hate YouTube" in your second video, but I'd recommend editing your videos m...moreore. In some parts of the second video, you seem out of breath. You should be able to take a moment to relax, continue the video, and cut out the moment where you were catching your breath. Hopefully this didn't come off as rude ^^'
    • Iannis_Hour parent reply 1) In my room i have a stupid light with some blue on it (i will take it down) 2) I did a mistake in the Mentos vid ...It was supposed to have better vid quality but accidentaly hit the Fast Edit button ( i know is a lae excuse but.. 3)I am not from USA or something i am from greece so if u see any spell mistake is because i am from Hellas LOL ( btw in my class i am pretty good at talking eng 4) Thanks for the comment ! Every part of the comment give me to understand that u took time to watch my videos and think about them and that means a lot for a creator :D
  • [ – ] Zimbo_Gamer reply Ok, so basically you don't go to a very influential vidme creators video and act like a weeb. The people our creator was aiming to help are those who produce seeming high quality content with meaning. Now my boy, sadly you are neither. So please don't act like a moron when you watch a video regarding infirmation towards being successful on vidme. Lets get serious for a second; put your camera at eye level, invest in a light source and for the love of god don't act like PewDiePie. You're nothing like him you should be your own person. An individual.
    • Iannis_Hour parent reply an 2nd the brofist was a joke LOL
    • Iannis_Hour parent reply I am not acting like Pewd SERIOUSLY from all youtubers u chose the most famous one to make a idiot in the eyes of new viewers..My viewers need to listen more to my comedy and watch my editing more than just see the quality on 100000p , from the other way Famous people dont even need to come with some good videos to make 1M views (pewdiepie) Sooooooooo........Sense u white the comment after watching the entire vid ( ok first vid no edit ) i will read it twice and see what goes from it
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