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  • Maingun reply Best news possible!! High fives all around!
  • BenjiJames reply CONGRATULATIONS! WE'VE HELP ACHIEVE WHAT MOST WOULD THINK WAS IMPOSSIBLE! ROSE HAS FINALLY BEEN REUNITED WITH HER CHILDREN!!! But more so to you and the others whom were directly in contact with Rose <3
  • AceAcer2 reply GREAT NEWS !!! Lets hope it's forever and they won't be returned to the 2 "pranksters" of a parents. You just made my day :D
  • theMagdalenRose reply That's fantastic news!
  • Michelle_Brovey reply Also wanted to add to my extremely long comment that I thank the lawyer for doing it Pro Bono, for free which is awesome as these cases can be insane in cost, plus usually have to be in the county it is filed in depending on the state. Here in Houston it cost an insane amount to even park and eat by the court house. Sorry for the rambling. Thanks again Everyone involved. Seeing those people literally bas made me actually sick and so worried for those kids. I hope over time the healing will be awesome for them and Rose!
  • Michelle_Brovey reply I actually cried I was so happy. This is thanks to you all who did not stop till something was done. Thanks to all the YouTubers, people who started petitions, the lovely person who made the detailed directions on who to contact and how to make a 1 min video properly to get the kids safe, chambers of the ♥ for all she did personally with base mama "spelling?", and everyone who donated to the go fund me and all of those who were secretly helping behind the scenes. I know I watched a ton of you guys and was truly horrified by these not even parents more like sperm donor and the devil of a woman. I watched pretty much the entire community of YouTube channels in this group of people. Chambers of the Heart, Suit, Repzion, Joy, Phillip, Mikenactor, Drew, Warski, and some a few others. Thank you all from the very core of my soul! 🤗
  • AliceRoseCross reply This is great news!!!
  • shamkoze reply great video, you should make more!
  • Shinjinvegan reply Heard Mike and Heather had a moving van and were attempting to skip town :(
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