Amy Schumer Steals (More) Jokes

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  • TheKingofTV reply If someone comes up with the idea about "reasons not to date a magician," those are the jokes they would use every time.
  • fickendas reply Robin Williams did the "Dove out of a vagina" joke in his Live on Broadway show. His was as a gynecologist and not a sexual partner, but it's still an old reused joke that many comedians have.
  • SambaSchutte reply Yeah that sucks. But on the other hand at least you know you make material worth stealing!
  • stevek reply I think you both stole these from the Fat Jewish
  • josephtranshow reply Hello, vidme peeps! I am the guy in the video, and for the record, I did not accuse Amy Schumer outright. Please watch the original video here:
  • SackOs reply I'm more annoyed that people think magicians make balloon animals.
  • LALevy213 reply "Originality is the fine art of remembering what you hear but forgetting where you heard it." Laurence J. Peter
  • adampapagan reply Welcome to Hollywood!
  • lporiginalg reply Marc was way out of line and you have to be in willful denial to not see that Amy is a blatant thief and to try to brush it off as misogyny is the feeble deflection attempts of people obsessed with identity politics and incapable of making real arguments. Was it misogyny when people went after Carlos Mencia? Marc Maron needs to stick to interviewing interesting people and making jokes about his cats because his feeble attempts to white knight are neither funny nor interesting.
  • SamSchiller23 reply Marc Maron just called joke police like you the fuck out on his latest podcast (episode 675). Plus Amy's bit was way funnier,
  • notmebug reply You are not nearly as original as you think. Those are old jokes.
  • MaidNotForYou reply @Iporiginalg ... not even sure if I spelled that correctly ... I didn't listen to MM moronic BS over AS ... his personality is so grating ... I've always thought he was horribly unfunny ... and way overrated. Even Amy S has way more talent than *that* hack. He's the hack of Louis CK but as if CK took a dump and Marc MoRON grew out of it like a retarded mushroom.
  • MaidNotForYou reply She even steals from no-name self publishing authors ... but not as badly as she does from comedians to be fair. But for this poor guy/comedian on this site---WOW. My issue started with Amy S after I used to pick on her a while back on Twitter. (I have a Twitter troll account that pokes fun at celebs like her... but exclusively Jon Hamm). Here's my story: (comments section on reddit)
  • RobOReilly reply There's a comedian named Hailey Boyle that claims she stole a lot of her jokes
  • evangreenberg reply She's still rich and famous though!
  • carleeeezy reply YO SAM YOUR LAST NAME HAS CHILL IN IT
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