Glock Wielding Robot, SC Police Against Permitless Carry | 2A Today

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  • inerlogic reply "Moms demand action" Best porno title evar
  • ThingsNStuff reply We really need the hearing protection act, I'm 21 and definitely have hearing damage from firearms. How is concealed carry intimidation? Open carry I could understand, but when I see a person open carrying I just want to see what gun they're carrying.
  • CiliRat reply Good Video, really like your stuff so far. New viewer here.
  • [ – ] wolfalexzemla reply police will be replaced by robots soon. I don't think news this good has ever been done on television or at least since the seventies. love this channel.
  • Guns_and_Gadgets reply Howdy! Just joined the platform and here to support another 2A defender from MA!!!
  • thisisntme reply sounds like I need a 50 cal because Russians.
  • Gunner240B reply It's a Terminator plain and simple. Anti Gunners are worried that law-abiding citizens might not continue abiding the laws that they have been abiding.
  • inerlogic reply La-ringe-o-scope It's like a speculum, but for your throat.
  • [ – ] Billingsgate reply I like this not so dressed up look..... :-)
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