#RegressiveNews: The Destruction of Masculinity

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  • [ – ] AnonymousLobotomist reply I came to vid.me for daivid seaman but I'm happy i found this channel my friend!
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  • [ – ] Outworlder reply In the natural world, men had better be men if they want to get through life and have real lives with real women and children, who need real men to protect, provide, and raise them up as only a true, confident man is able. And women had better be women if they want to give life, love, and direction to their men and children. If men and women don't fulfill these natural roles they are not human. They are soulless meat pies.
  • Seahorses2017 reply This post panel directs to "say something nice". I can't. The drivel in this video is infuriating. Men are SO brainwashed into thinking that being a knuckle-dragging, beer drinking, TV (football game) screaming, butt-crack displaying schoolyard bully is the only form of masculinity out there. Disgusting. What a low-life model you aspire to. And it's all about by men, for men, and the special treatment for men. BS! You want respect, then EARN IT. And you don't get respect by being a block-head. Your notions of manhood are infantile at best. You hero worship the rigid and inflexible. Here are some uncomfortable facts, men: In the first 16 weeks in utero ALL human babies are FEMALE, and the proof is that you MEN have nipples on your chests. (So, how about that?) You are born of WOMAN. You are raised and nurtured by WOMEN. And you CONSTANTLY measure your masculinity by WOMEN: (*) how many women you've had, (*) you have a beautiful woman on your arm, (*) you don't put up with any guff from ...moreany woman, (*) you marry women, (*) you need a woman to keep your home (lives) together, (*) when you go out to have a good time you are seeking WOMEN. Grow up and stop being such a pack of infantile idiots (losers).
  • sallymae reply Glad you're here; always enjoy your videos.
  • AprilRainyDayz reply This makes me so angry!!!!!! There is an obvious spiritual warfare going on.
  • rationalrightoz reply Very well put. Everything he's saying here is so true. The regressive left are pushing the pussification of men and the suicide of the West by mass immigration
  • Huktoz reply I was like an SJW and I did not even know It until I found Sargon of Akkad and Computing forever thanks for the red pill.
  • WebNoob reply I never gave a single fuck about acting 'feminine'.
  • FromThePot reply Between this and endocrine inhibitors in the water through pesticide or Soy inclusion in all of our foods, perhaps were being bio- Engineered into submission...
  • LarasHadEnough reply Just joined. Nice to see you here David :-)
  • crimson_king reply It's disheartening.
  • cowboy6591 reply It's a god given right to be masculine if your a man. It's unnatural NOT TO!!
  • TheDrumstick reply Thanks for pointing out the hypocracy of Merkel...! She let in hundreds of thousands of immigrants/refugees, and not all of them have good intentions. She turns the blind eye.
  • ytsucks reply Why you got to bring religion into this? God created the world bro. In the middle of the video you have to stop and talk trash about peoples faith? Is that any better then the SJW people?
  • mattytripps reply Who in the fuck would actually sign up for this
  • LarasHadEnough reply Yes I came here for David Seaman too.
  • RAMzMAR reply A study from U of SD has uncovered the decline in male penis size due to lack of honest male will power to recognize danger and access the fight nature. The lack of desisivness has also reduced testosterone levels turning them in to "pussys "
  • MaitreMarkScully reply Markroviya, land where manliness abound - https://vid.me/X0Ab
  • nomadic reply Thanks for the video! Happy I found your channel, I am a MGTOW and I believe this problem could be the end of western civilization if not corrected soon, we will get conquered by a stronger more violent culture. Free Pete Santilli
  • KristinaL reply I'm new here today because of DavidSeaman. I stayed to see what's up here, and watched what's next, and saw your video. Really enjoyed your report. Now following you as well! Don't know if I'll produce anything, but, I'm thinking of ideas that might be interesting. I've been a nail technician for 30 years and I educate for a gel company. Who knows?....
  • Okanaganguy reply Vast majority of supporters are currently employed and terrified about the future...
  • NoBS4U reply Glade you added your Gab.ai at the beginning of the vid. Sorry to say that I'm now stalking you ;-) See you on Gab.
  • Memetics reply So are Germans starting to turn into walking dragonteeth now?
  • [ – ] CoolVideoBro reply Good Video ... I am new here ... #follow4follow Anyone?
  • TechnoMageB5 reply Thumbs up if you're also watching this muted on YouTube so Computing Forever can get twice the ad revenue. ;-)
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