Adding On to Mutahar's Day One Patch Video

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  • Earthsteward70 reply its actually much worse than the games not being compressed! developers sometimes even bloat there fucking games! So i was playing fallout 4 on my PC, and after some research, i found out that the games textures were originally made in the 512x512 format! but then they UPSCALED IT to the 2048x2048 and even 4096x4096 formats! when i played the vanilla game (my specs are 8 GB ram, intel core i3 dual core 3.80 GHZ) (game is at lowest vanilla settings) The game would chug at 10-30 FPS! When i Re-packed the textures at the 512 format, That alone was enough to get me a stable 30 FPS! and 40 FPS in certain locations so i basically save 20-30% of ram usage if fallout 4s textures are properly optimized.
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