Lamentation for children of GOD and America. Please pray and share!

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  • 123-Proverb-Monkey reply FATHER GOD,FATHER LOVE,FATHER TRUTH,in JESUS name hear our cry for the children of GOD and America !!! We have cried out to YOU,day and night !!! Let this supplication come before YOU !!! How will the children of GOD praise YOU and love YOU from the ash heap of death !!! For everyone of the children of GOD,O'LORD GOD,that suffers to no end,O'LORD GOD,means JESUS bled for no reason !!! YOU,O'LORD GOD,are NOT a GOD of waste !!! The time of the wasting is over,O'LORD GOD,for if a person does not know of JESUS and HIS LOVE,it is a wasted life,O'LORD GOD,a wasted soul !!! Hear this Lamentation for the children of GOD and America,O'LORD GOD,hear it looking at YOUR SON,JESUS,and listen to and read this written petition for the children of GOD and America,O'LORD GOD,shall the dead arise and praise YOU,"Selah",will YOU work YOUR wonders for the dead,"Selah",will YOU show YOUR love in the place of destruction,"Selah",will YOU show YOUR faithfulness in the graves of eternal death,"Selah",will sho...morew YOUR righteousness in the land of the burning souls,"Selah",each one that goes there the chump satan-luciferĀ  laughs at YOU,TIME TO GET ANGRY !!!Hear,O'LORD GOD,the cries of the lost ones,O'LORD GOD,and look at JESUS and remember why HE died,O'LORD GOD,and remember the trickery that got HIM killed and in doing so,millions of the chosen ones,DIED in the LIE,remember and act !!! I come into agreement with everyone who agrees with this prayer,if you agree say JESUS is LORD out loud !!! JESUS is LORD !!! Praise the LORD !!! Praise GOD !!!
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