Shed Time - Vidme Layout Update! ( AskaGangsta is doing Vidme right? )

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  • [ – ] Rawman reply Marzie Malfoy is a great person which is why she is someone who I want people to know about. I was skeptical about AsKaGansta but so far he has proven to be on our side. I'm not gunna start screaming shame if he doesn't quite stay up to 100% but even what he's already done goes farrrr beyond (most) the others. People need to not be against big YouTubers. I'm not. We need them but we also need Vidme to understand they might not need to be number 1 trending and then picked lol. You make a good point about how many upvotes you need now. It's only gunna get harder. Small channels need more support now more than ever. Great reasonable discussion as always. This is great. Credit where it's due vidme though. Well done!
  • JennyFedora reply Thanks @MarzieMalfoy and @AvalancheOne for believing and subscribing. Thanks @AsKaGangsta for interacting on Vidme and making it more than a video dumping ground, then running away.
  • [ – ] letstalkjp reply I strangely want to be part of ShedTime
  • [ – ] BrianAiya reply then the update just happened i saw all the categories in a row, but now there are only the trending,following and team picks. I guess people already complained about the order of the categories, but i like this now. For someone with 5 digit subs, i understand that they can be active in the community but for someone like AsKaGangsta with 1 mil. it's impressive that he gives time for vidme too. You made good points, now i guess the timing of your upload is the most important so that your vid won't be pushed out of the visible row.
    • JennyFedora parent reply kinda. Timing a video upload is like herding cats. There is a strong presence on here from Europe that keeps things fairly active around the clock. I just upload when I upload. At least now there is the "Following" creators right on the home page. Now I can see who uploaded instantly!
  • [ – ] Watersurf reply I appreciate what @AsKaGangsta is doing. I wish more big creators would do what he is doing. I mean, I could tag some of them but it wouldn't really do much. Maybe someone his size could help attract those other big creators to interact with the community and not dump videos. I mean, yeah I dumped all my videos too but I'm still creating content over here, most of which are starting to become exclusive to this site.
    • [ – ] JennyFedora parent reply The dumping is ok, it happens when you have a backlog. We do find it interesting that AskaGangsta has not done that. He's taking Vidme from a totally different approach as a big creator. It's refreshing.
      • [ – ] Watersurf parent reply Great thing about this site is everyone starts fresh. Sure, you may be known over on other sites as someone who does specific stuff but over here, you can make a new image for yourself. That's what I like about vidme. c:
        • JennyFedora parent reply Yeah, you don't have to worry about some sort of "algorithm" getting out of alignment just because you make something short or different.
  • [ – ] Kentantino reply this is how it supposed to be we all helping each other XD
  • [ – ] iJimUK reply New bigger creators being pointed in the direction of @askaGangsta as a kind of lesson on how we play over here on Vidme was something I commented on his last video. I too hope he does continue the way he has in his last few videos. OK changing the way we get our videos into the Hot/Trending area so that we need to get around 25 upvotes is an excellent change imo as this is giving all creators that little bit of incentive to put that bit more effort into their videos. As for more people coming to Vidme, I am sure that will come in time as word gets out that we are here and a lot better than YouTube. I know I hadn't been here long but am excited to be joining at the time that I have.
  • [ – ] SunsetPop reply Bruh you need a new chair haha
  • Anonymous_Gamer reply Good news! thx for sharing
  • SpeedyGaming reply Exciting news! 😁👌
  • [ – ] chrishazfun reply The update to the frontpage is what I've been waiting for for some time, if there are any suggestions it would be that maybe it could also include trending feeds for individual categories, nbd if it doesn't happen but yeah just a suggestion.
    • JennyFedora parent reply I saw that happen for a few minutes yesterday, you have to start scrolling down the page and it was kinda meh with or without.
  • [ – ] MarzieMalfoy reply You are completely welcome! And thank you so much! You are so supportive of the Vidme community and I wanted to give back and help you help others..... not sure if that is understandable lol... but anyways haha I had my reservations about Askagansta too but I wanted to give him a chance bc, as a Training Instructor told me in boot camp, not everyone is the same. Then he blew me out of the water when I saw him commenting/upvoting on other videos I was watching and subscribing to my friends and stuff like that. Then he posted that video about helping small creators and even shouted one out. I'm really impressed and hope he can really inspire the other big youtubers to do the same. Thank you @AsKaGangsta for being real!
  • [ – ] CryptoAndMarkets reply Great mention of @askagangsta there. Seems like he really cares about the small creators. All I did was mention I was a new creator and tip his video, and he generated traffic for my page. A question I have though, what do you think about the 1 GB/week limit for uploads if not verified, and not being able to receive tips? Seems to hinder their development some, or is it just me?
    • [ – ] JennyFedora parent reply So unless the limit has changed, My understanding is that it is 1GB per video or/and like 30 minutes per video max. Some of this is put in place as a protection against accounts that want to upload full videos that are not owned by them. The verification process right now can be frustrating from my understanding. The verification process has gotten more rigid as the site as become more popular. There has been some abuse of it in the past and we have seen a few accounts get unverified for posting content that is not owned by the account creator. My understanding is that the Verification process is going to be revamped in the next month to make it easier for legitimate creators to get verified. Most people make under 30 minute videos due to people's attention spans on the internet, so this is not that big an issue at first. Most videos, when compressed are under 1GB. When we started we were moving our videos over from YouTube that were under 30 minutes and did not run into any ...moreissues for the couple of weeks we were unverified. After verification, we moved over our longer videos. I know that people cannot trend when they are unverified, but the trick is to link all social media accounts and be active in the community with comments and uploading regularly and having some historical presence on social media. It is usually easier to apply for verification a monetization then.
  • [ – ] LOUDMOUTHTYRONE reply The YouTube Migrant Crisis of 2017
  • Redarchs reply Well said bud, i look forward to helping all i can to the vidme community
  • [ – ] JohnnyAppleseed2 reply Don't give a damn about gaming, but the "Shed Time" talks are cool...
  • duffy reply Glad you're digging the new homepage layout. It's a work in progress, so will likely be iterating over the next few weeks. We think it's a great way to increase diversity and discovery for people landing on the front page. Let us know if you have any ideas to make it better.
  • scottwebb reply I got a Netflix feel with the new homepage layout!
  • [ – ] edt49er reply This is going to be interesting seeing this community grow. It is very similar to youtube's infancy. I just hope the community can handle the influx of creators that may or may not participate and help the smaller channels. As of right now that is the main thing youtube lacks. Big creators only work with other big creators, and hardly anyone does any sort of free shoutout anymore
    • [ – ] JennyFedora parent reply True that. It seems like you have to be at 100,000 subscribers to be considered "legit" on YouTube. I know they changed their creator program like a year ago so there are "levels" starting at 1000, but those seem kinda bogus and were more of a PR stunt.
      • edt49er parent reply that and they want to monitor who actually makes it big so they can avoid bot accounts and try and limit what caused the whole Ad Apocalypse thing
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