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  • [ – ] WesternOtaku reply Nice vlog video there. I didn't have the benefit of getting into anime while it was during its Toonami phase, but I stumbled into blindly around 2000-2001, and never looked back. Now I host daily reviews on lots of anime titles, and even some select manga. Do you read manga, or are you strictly an anime person?
    • [ – ] Outlet_Podcast parent reply The manga scene is much more different. I will wander between the shelves and try my best to find something. This worked out when I found "a silent voice". Great story.
      • WesternOtaku parent reply Based on your opinions on "fan-service" I'd say that more older Teen manga would be up your alley, something like a Seinen (older Teen -Adult) manga. If there are adult situations they aren't just tossing in T&A for the marketing strategy, but for the story/art. I'd even recommend perhaps some light novels. Anyway... I don't want to come off as being pushy. You read or watch what you feel comfortable with. Keep Being Awesome!
  • Outlet_Podcast reply Hey thank you! Yeah, I love anime. It's pretty awesome. I think every late 80s early 90s kids loved cartoon network and was introduced to anime.
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