NASAs PATENTED FAKE SUN explains the chemtrails - YouTube

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  • UkDane reply They're going HARD on the chemtrailing in the UK right now , i have never seen it so bad in my 50 years , it must have doubled from last year , im wearing a nose/mouth filter when i go for a run , fcuk knows what were breathing..Goodjob Richie and welcome to vidme at last!
  • plywood99 reply It will be a grand day when these wicked people are done away with. May it come quickly.
  • SherryK30 reply Drives me nuts when people on the beach talk about the beautiful sunset. NOW they are laying circular chems in my area. 2 that I saw yesterday. P.s. I like this site, RFB, except that my 1st message said something to the effect of "Welcome, Human"!
  • SpeakToMeInDots reply I'm in Cleveland. There are no birds here.
  • ChemtrailsAreKillingUs reply Richie, thank you for working so hard on waking people up. You have explained so much. You are helping! Keep it up!
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