Free Speech is Accountable Speech - Without responsibility, speech cannot be free

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  • KennKong reply Any media platform should have the right at their sole discretion to prohibit or remove any content they wish. If you want anonymous speech, go to Usenet or 4chan. The problem social media companies have is that they are barely breaking even without spending the enormous amount of time and money it takes to police a site. I predict that all of the currently free social media platforms will collapse unless they impose a subscription model. Until then, your typical online idiot will never realize that free speech is actually quite expensive.
  • [ – ] IamImport reply The 1st amendement protects unpopular speech. Even racists, offensive, dispicable speech. Speech is word. Action is not speech. Action is when you act upon it. And yeah, conservatives need a platform, where they can exchange, without being policed. Words do not hurt. I am anti-muslim, border control and indefinetly no buts and no speech police kinda free speech. Milo like free speech. I am for the right to live within the community I choose, and I have the right not to like diversity. It is not a strenght. And hate speech is any speech that you people find offensive, so expect to be offended. People (lots) do not agree to the terms you depicted. You do NOT get to make the decision, nor the law on what is ok and what is not ok to say. You wanna call me racist? Maybe I am! and if it was the case, I would have the right to be racist. But yeah, you ppl over used that word. It's effect all gone. Truth do not care about feelings. I only stand by the truth, and speak up about it. Facts cannot...more be racist and do not care about feelings and offenses. Popular speech do not need protection. Without buts and accountability, my speech will speak truth, no matter who get offended. As long as they are not my family, I do not care. This rant of yours is Communist like shit. I fled communism to save my life and be free. I went through refugee camp and hard time. I will not let this right be taken away from me and brought back into totalitarian control, by smart ass brainwashed commies like you, who dunno shit. Fuck your feelings dawg. Rant about that!
    • Bitchspot parent reply But I'm sure that you can see the difference between worthwhile speech, speech that seeks to provide some salient point, and trolling, speaking for the sole purpose of making people mad. There is a difference and I would argue that a private company like Gab not only has the ability, but I would argue the responsibility to shut down speech which harms the very existence and success of the platform itself. They're not telling these people they can't speak, but they are under no obligation to provide them a soap box to speak from.
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