Someones Lying About CrazyRocky... Is It WarPathGaming?

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  • [ – ] CrazyRocky reply Thanks for makin this video even before I made mine, good eye on that. I dont want to say its warpath because I dont know who it is but it looks like it stopped now and hopefully it stays that way
    • SamEarl13 parent reply You're welcome, I hope it isn't him either to be honest and glad it seems to have stopped. Just annoyed me that someone was idiotic enough to create accounts to try to tarnish the reputation of someone that is obviously against doing that (aka you).
  • Rawman reply "everyone found out he was the fake account king" hahahahaha. Great eye on this one. I know it's all resolved but still good show. Only vidme will know who is making them accounts but they will never tell us.
  • SamEarl13 reply Worth mentioning the fake accounts have been dealt with, lets hope this doesn't happen again. I may try to come up with ideas for how to fix this.
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