Game of thrones Revealed Season 7 Episode 1 Behind the scenes Jon snow Danerys Targaryen

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  • [ – ] Arcade-Salad reply season 7 was amazing really can't wait for season 8 and is nice to see the behind the scenes you kind of forget how this is created and that it take a lot of time to create a series like this :)
    • [ – ] Best_moments_collection parent reply Yup bro, this is a wonderful process that all the casts and director did all best to provide us the whole season, I also can't wait for ss8, but unfortunately we have to wait for 2019 to satisfy ourself, but Walking dead is coming, also supernatural!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      • Arcade-Salad parent reply yeah 2019 seems to far away right now hahaha but there are a lot of amazing series towatch in the meantime but i'm not really a big fan of the walking dead the first coupleof seasons were great but I stopped watching after season 3
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