WTF is Wrong with Onision?!

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  • jj27 reply So he thinks it's OK when people are tweeting about him. But don't tweet about the real world. Fucking that's some brainwashing Shit right there
  • DanielHuntington reply Good lord, Onision is being an insensitive cunt. Yes, people will inevitably die no matter what. But it's perfectly rational to feel horrified by the state in which they die like a terror attack even if you don't know the victims.
  • Thorvald793 reply Not commenting on Onision is like not calling a friend's attention to a pile of Dog shit in which he is about to step.
  • FullmetalThunder reply I couldn't agree more. The thing I hate the most is how he thinks meat eaters are "murderers" even if they didn't kill the animal. Oh, wolves, lions, dogs, cats, all of them are murderers, right? They are so evil and sadistic for doing what comes naturally in order for them to survive. And it's worse for people with diabetes or iron deficiencies who actually need meat in order to keep themselves from dying. And goths are a satanic subculture and they should all die off the face of the Earth, right? We wear mostly black, therefore we worship the devil. Oh, and guess what? Harassing your own girlfriend is super funny! Seems like he'll do anything for money. Many people will these days. But the joke's on him because YouTube is about money themselves. They'll leave him penniless one of these days just like they have with other content creators.
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