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  • [ – ] Taylorkilla_OG reply You can't let on that you want anyone to watch. Any hint to people that you need the validation usually will turn them off to it. Just rely on your enjoyment of making the vids and assume they will never amount to more than a hobby. That's just my opinion, you do what your heart says. You the mane.
    • Bobtoronto parent reply That's good advise and I am, in fact, the worst one for 'hinting' that I want more views and followers. I really have to watch that. Thanks for the thoughtful comment.
  • [ – ] iJimUK reply I'm sorry Bob, we have been friends for some time now, I can say we are friends can't I? Well I'm going to anyway so 😝 Yeah, I don't know how to tell you this but.. uh, ok.. out with it Jim. Ok, I like Mondays, no, I love Mondays because the kids go back to school 😁 Yay, and those who insist on asking how my weekend was, If I have had a shitty weekend, I tell them, and wait.. and wait, I don't feel awkward because I had a bad weekend, I'm loving my Monday, even more now that that chirpy f#@k in front of me is regretting asking me how my weekend was, they are feeling awkward as hell, frantically trying to think of what they should say next, and I am waiting for them to think of something, basking in their awkwardness. Maybe I should get therapy.. I don't know
    • [ – ] Bobtoronto parent reply Thanks for the thoughtful reply. I've missed those. Seems like a while since you've regaled me with one of your witty, pithy (pithy's a good thing. I looked it up) comments. There seems to have been a very nice momentum to my channel today, however, for many weeks now it's just been a dead thing. This helps explain my rather sad, self-loathing, self-pitying response to your tweet today #tweetgate. Maybe there is some truth to your suspicion that it may be a problem with vidme. I hope so, in a way, cause otherwise I can't help conclude that I just plain suck. Anyway, I hope you will continue to cheer me up with one of your wonderful comments, even if it's just a brief one. It certainly helps.
      • iJimUK parent reply I can't say for sure if it was Vidme or whether there was some kind of planetary alignment or even if the technology gods are playing piss the creator off, I don't know. But for the past few weeks my channel has been doing pretty well, then the weekend came and everything ground to a stop, and your channel picked up. Maybe it was the planet's. They say honestly is the best policy, it's also good for a laugh when someone "Hi, how are you" and you tell the truth. "Well, I'm not well, I have (enter illness here) Oh their faces, you can tell they wish they had never asked. If they didn't want to know, they shouldn't have asked. I get no end of fun out of that one, even on a Monday, try it, make something up, then, tell them you lied just to make them feel awkward.. At our age we get our pleasure where we can 😁😁
  • Bobtoronto reply This has barely been up a day and I get nice comments from my friend iJim and a bunch of up-votes. I want to thank everyone and wish you all a happy f&*king Monday!
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