WHAT SELLS ON BONANZA - Pro-Sellers Workshop - EP 21 VidMe

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  • SellerThink reply rulesforrebels Bonanza.com is a strange marketplace. They are throttling their marketplace so much while trying to push paying for memberships to dethrottle visitor views that they pretty much killed sales across their platform since 2015. It's pretty sad too, because for a while, sales were doing ok. That's why I did this video though, its obvious that sellers of new products and trendy products are where sales are happening, but even those sales look pretty slim. I personally think, Bonanza.com has a 100% wasted marketing strategy - I saw an advertisement for Bonanza on Google.com this week, and it was trying to promote itself in the AD as a place voted highly by sellers. That's a horrible selling point from a customer perspective and honestly doesn't say anything to a customer or buyer about that marketplace. They need to fire their current marketing director and hire someone who can create advertisements that appeal to shoppers, not sellers. A lack of sellers is not their prob...morelem, a lack of shoppers is their problem. Which leads me to believe, the only thing that keeps them alive at this point is selling memberships - thus they market to sellers.
  • rulesforrebels reply nice video good tips. ive never had much luck on bonanza
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