WHAT IF RADITZ TURNED GOOD? PART 2 | A Dragonball Discussion

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  • HalfHeartlessHeathen reply I can tell you're hinting at catastrophic consequences in the future because Yamcha is wooing Bulma, so Trunks won't be born, but don't forget: This means Gohan will be much more cautious with his life and will not risk dying. In the future timeline, he likely knew his death would unlock Trunks's SSJ form, so the world would still have a protector. I imagine Gohan would play it more cautious and would ultimately be the one to go back in time, and with no family to return to, may even consider staying in the new timeline. Hell, actually, with Raditz alive, he may go SSJ when the rest of his species dies, and being cautious, could escape and survive the initial fight that killed everyone else. So it could be Gohan or Raditz returning to the past. I just hope you don't think no Trunks means no warning from the Future, because worst case scenario, Bulma builds it and goes back herself.
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