"The Old Horns" - Dark Gregorian Cinematic Music - Original Music by The Dark Somnium

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  • [ – ] onetheotherone reply i swear, at this point i feel like i'm stalking you from site to site - sorry about that. let me be clear. it is good enough. people like you - there are so many like you - with talent that goes unnoticed because there are so many trying to do the same online thing and you get lost in the shuffle. normally i try to keep my online presence invisible - something you apparently can't do on vid.me :), i have found out - but i see someone like you, with such talent, going unnoticed, and i have to say something. i will soon disappear back into the shadows where i am more comfy, but i will be watching your content, and cheering you on.... i really hope you catch a break or two that helps you showcase your talent properly.
    • [ – ] The_Dark_Somnium parent reply Well i really appreciate your kind words! you have no idea how much it means to me :) I have not been able to post much content lately because currently, I am without a home, I just got a new job though so things are looking up, hopefully i will be back on my feet soon. all the kind words you and everyone else leave are just motivation to not give up :) you have no idea how much these comments mean to me, and how much motivation they give me to keep going.
      • onetheotherone parent reply i lost internet temporarily after i wrote last time or i would have responded to this earlier. this is exactly why i came out of the shadows and encourage others to as well. we never know what's going on with the person behind the other screen and sometimes they need to know that others are hearing them. i think a lot of what you already have would benefit from fresh packaging. you mentioned mcp, i'm sure if he has the time he could give you some good ideas if you don't already have a plan in place. he seems to be the king of hustle and has done well for himself. please don't give up when you have so much obvious talent.
  • [ – ] onetheotherone reply by the way, i will be purchasing a copy, but it will have to wait a month - too many family birthdays and no ready cash left. :)
  • [ – ] onetheotherone reply why are you not sharing that your music is available on amazon? I stumbled across it purely on chance. You really have to put up a link or something on your pages!
    • The_Dark_Somnium parent reply Oh i dont really share that because i never considered it good enough to pay for. I usually share the free versions though, like on spotify. when i published my music it was automatically added to 24 distribution websites. but i will share it more often, thank you! :)
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