Cycle Ride 20Feb17 Round the Bays Wgtn NZ

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  • [ – ] WooFit reply it has been such a rainy and gloomy day here in ohio today, watching this brought a smile to my face! thank you!!
  • [ – ] DiamondDebLP reply I loved the scenic bike ride & the festival looked fun.
  • [ – ] MarzieMalfoy reply Sorry, I thought I watched this one already lol That guy in the wheelchair was killing it for sure! That sign at the end got me curious. The language on there reminded me of native Hawaiian so I looked it up. You've inspired me to read up on some NZ history :)
    • JustABloke parent reply Oh dear, LoL, NZ Maori's, a warrior race. I was born here in NZ but my dad is from and my mum from .
  • [ – ] EPIC-BLASIAN reply Epic ride, nice scenery.
  • opaxel1967 reply Great , nothing to add , everyone else got there first and said it !! lol
  • [ – ] galwaybeard reply Looks like a nice part of the world.
  • xCreativeNotion reply HEY MAN awesome video! come check me out when you get the chance!
  • [ – ] JustABloke reply thanks guys, I thought I had better make some video's cause this is what vidme is all about, but I'm really enjoy watching and listening to talented people from all over the world.
    • [ – ] Aureolin parent reply This video really has positive vibe to it. :) Just a small editing tip: Try edit the cuts to the beat of the music. It is simple trick to have the audio and video match well. Makes it easier for viewers. Have a good one!
  • TechyFarm reply Awesome video!
  • Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply Its very pretty there. It looks like everyone was having a good day. Thanks for sharing!
  • [ – ] JessicaMartwin reply Nice :) I love videos like this
    • JustABloke parent reply This video is the 1st video I ever made not using my action camera, holding a camcorder while riding with 1 hand on the bars can be tricky. But it has one huge advantage, I can instantly swing the camera in any direction and you have no idea what you captured until editing time. When I took the shot of our rowing team, a train came past I was so annoyed, turned out ok. Who knew a plane was going to fly over me, 1st time I've ever seen that. The Ferry goes to the South Island twice a day, I just sat down on a beach bench to charge my camera (with my DIY solar panel) when I saw it. Now when I look back at this video, it was all a total fluke.
  • ResistanceChicks777 reply We actually took a 3,000-mile bicycle trip around America, with camping gear in 2003. We bike around only for pet sitting now. Thanks for following! We are in Ohio too! Cincy! We farm for keeping in shape now! All our food is poisoned with chemicals so we have to grow and raise our own food and save our own water!
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