Our Rogue "Government" Has Attacked a Syrian Air Base with Tomahawk Missiles

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  • Sectual reply Oh my *GOD*. This is fucking BULLSHIT. These FUCKING IDIOTS. Oh my *GOD*. Fucking idiots. I CANNOT believe this shit. I was the most hardcore Trump supporter OUT THERE. If he doesn't stop this right now, I am going to publicly denounce him and rescind all support.
  • StolenMoment reply For Assad to gas a bunch of civilians makes no sense. All risk for no possible gain. this is false flag all over it. This bombing is a bad deal. Should have stepped back and gone quiet. Allow the dumpster fire burn out.
  • wolfalexzemla reply no more dam wars
  • WickedWonka reply What Trump is doing is a terrible idea, this is going to end horribly
  • EsotericKuvirist reply Trump probably just pissed away his support with this stunt. If he's going to sell out to the Neocons then good riddance.
  • TheACP333 reply Trump Has Betrayed His Base...
  • CaptainSwitzerland reply Well, if there was any doubt in my mind the syria chemical attack was a false flag. The pretext for war seems clear now. SHIT.
  • MeMadMax reply Hello Mr One Term... Also, you can take your MAGA BULLSHIT and SHOVE IT UP YOUR ASS!
  • GodOfThunder reply It honestly makes no difference whether or not Asad gassed anyone or not. Russia is NOT going to let Asad lose. They're determined. We're not and our support for Syrian rebels is largely responsible for the rise of ISIS - so we have every reason to feel stupid right now. Long story short, Asad is going to win. The sooner we can get to that inevitable conclusion, the sooner innocent people can stop dying in their thousands.
  • VybeyPantelonez reply @captainswitzerland absolutely. Right on man. Its probably a ff by assads dissenters to get us involved
  • VybeyPantelonez reply @aladinsane absolutely
  • Abolish-Arbitrary-Power reply Trump is bridled, saddled, and ready to ride by the neocon vipers.
  • MikeTheMugger reply Time to throw our children into the meat grinder, AGAIN
  • valereth reply I do hope this is a one off strike,. Regardless, I an not happy about this. Feels like a continuation of Obamas horse shit policies
  • MidrangeKEK reply I feel like it may or may not be a Trump-esqe move. A) this is just a move to get China to act on N.Korea. I mean attacking an airfield, kinda weird. On the night China meets with Trump B)To dispel Russia connections C)To get neo-cons and neo-libs to side with him and win votes D)Or worst case, Trump dun fucked up.
  • MattBerial reply I'm going to wait and see what else comes out before I make a decision. The military or trump (not sure who) notified the Russians before hand that they were going to be striking that base. And it was a precision strike on the base, where the chemical was fired from. I still think it was a bad move personally. Need more info of why this happened. I'm not satisfied yet with the available info.
  • SkogComplex reply Trump done fucked up. He trusted the neo-cohen , and they'll leave him holding the bag of shit, while all the people who hated him will hate him with more reason to now, and many of his (former) supporters, like me, will no longer support him , nor trust him.
  • wolfalexzemla reply This syria thing is a way to distract sjw's and send them back to fighting imaginary wars on xbox in their parents basement. SJW'S dont fight real issues just imaginary ones
  • OpulentMiracle reply I lost my mind as a result of what Styx is talking about here and went off the rails: https://vid.me/QJvV
  • lawrence-parker reply I'm not surprised God complex and all but somewhere down the line should not despots like Putin and assade pay some kind of penalty
  • VybeyPantelonez reply @wickedwonka agree!!!!!!
  • VybeyPantelonez reply @tobiasstrom ... yepper
  • AladinSane reply Very likely outcome : Anti-Trump globalists now do an investigation and find out that the chemical weapons release was an innocent accident caused by the bombing of a rebel base that was storing WMD. They quickly use this to point out how INCOMPETENT Trump is, Russian's use it to cause some big issue (take your pick from a long list) and all is blamed on Trump.
  • AladinSane reply The #4DChess #Trump thing always made me roll my eyes. Thank goodness we can now put that one to bed. #Trump fell for the neocon's old -- "look look look ... a hurt baby; now bomb some babies" logic, sad. #ThinkFreely #SpeakFreely #ComputeFreely #MAGA_DIED_040617
  • activator1337 reply He can't win either way. He did this and now he's an asshole, and had he did nothing he's a coward.
  • morty2203 reply a horde off refugees will swarm over to our country now as they have tendencies for... thanks thank u takk
  • Leitis reply Exiled at Madagascar? Oh you cheeky cunt
  • MidrangeKEK reply Its funny you mention anti-hero. The parallels between him and the Joker from The Dark Knight is striking.
  • TobiasStrom reply what the fuck is going on. christ this was a dumb decision.
  • void1029 reply This is looking like a slippery slope
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