WEEMOS. EXE (help announcement)

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  • [ – ] lostAlpineCow reply I also would go with fixing your current laptop. Probably just needs the disk de-fragged. Unless you're running anything pre-windos 7, then definitely get a new one, especially if you're going to be editing videos a lot.. If you are a Mac fan, forget I said anything.
  • Sogen reply I was contemplating whether or not if I should help, but after seeing the beginning I wondered if that's something I wish to help continue. But then I saw the Mercy Genji comic and I remembered who you are. SO with that said, I can't help you get a new PC, but I can certainly help you troubleshoot your current one if no one else has. After all, it's often just cheaper to fix\upgrade (usually). I help a lot of people over on a website for PC gaming. Offer is there if you so choose, but if you're not interested, that's fair enough too. Just figured I'd offer.
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