Maajid Nawaz Strawmans, Denies Science, Then Goes To Godwin's Law

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  • Unknown2U reply Devon you are making some excellent content. Now I'm finally able to see it on Vidme
  • riffraffgames reply Nice takedown. Majid is nuts.
  • Talann1 reply I deleted YouTube. I'm following you here. I can't support you through patron but one day I may be able to. Don't ever stop Devon, we need you.
  • Huntercoxey reply When i typed in Atheism is unstoppable no results came up so basically i had to use his YouTube link and when his channel goes down that will be a problem
  • AnonymousVirgin reply You can't downvote videos here?Not that i want to lol but it's dumb
  • KaryD reply Magnificent, Devon. You are right. Always. Maajid is trying to shame the caller and it is pathetic.
  • riffraffgames reply All lives don't matter. If you are resisting arrest & pulling a gun/reaching for the cop's gun.. your life is forfeit.
  • MeinLuciFuhrer reply Though I am probably just pissing in an ocean, I do appreciate that you are diverting views away from YouTube. Keep posting your excellence on, Devon.
  • santora1957 reply I thought Nawaz had a foot grounded in reality.
  • AuriferousOwl reply What kind of microphone is Majid using? It sounds like he's in a plastic container.
  • DMorg reply Did anyone ever read this guy's book 'Radical'? Early on he describes an incident about a lunch lady who he describes as unintentionally racist for treating him the same as everyone else in the school. The guy is confused.
  • Cognissonance reply No niggers in Europe. Genocide is the solution.
  • Tyrrell reply Ladies and gentlemen, this is a 'moderate muslim'.
  • OldDirtyNeck reply Great work as always Devon.
  • STANKwild reply fucking sad af. and to think I ever gave this asshole props.
  • GeorgeSaint reply I just cant listen to a fucking dickhead like Nawaz. It is the same feeling you get when talking to a fucking brick wall like a Flatearther. People like that are disgusting and an assault on intelligence and the progress of the whole of mankind.
  • MelindatheKing reply Maajid can sniff out racism, unless it's coming out of his own mouth then suddenly, his nose is all stuffed up.
  • Devonknowsbest reply Would have expected Maajid to be smarter than this.
  • blahblah17 reply Oh shit it's this guy! He has a YouTube channel and is obsessed with Maajid Nawaz. His name is earthling Carl.
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