Stand Up Comedy Audition For The X Factor

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  • [ – ] RayFed reply Needs work brah. Not enough energy in your delivery. Keep working on it though.
    • [ – ] OneTakeZeroEffort parent reply there are two types of people
      • [ – ] RayFed parent reply What? Me? I was giving constructive criticism. Plus I'm speaking form experience as someone who has done stand up. I'm not going to tell someone "Wow that's fucking fantastic you ought to go audition somewhere!" when they are not ready to do so, otherwise they fail the audition and fall flat on their face and feel worse about it. And trust me the ppl who critique the ppl auditioning for The X Factor are tougher critics than I. Yep I agree two types of ppl. One who gives an honest opinion of how something is, and well then the other one. So I say to IdiotComedy again ... Your material needs work. Delevery needs work. More energy. You can't just tell standard jokes like "A man walks into a bar.." type stuff. Speak from funny life experience and get honest opinions from people. Don't just let them say or tell you "oh good job, that was great" Ask people "What can do to make this better?" And the last thing is practice. practice, practice. All the time. in front of the mirror, in line ...moreat the grocery store, in your car, everywhere. This will also help with any stage fright and help you relax to be silly in front of ppl. I'll be checking back mate, see how ur doing! Good on ya!
        • IdiotComedy parent reply Not sure who that reply was to you left? I didn't mind your constructive criticism. I actually used it and tried to make my latest stand up episode better. Did you watch the new one yet about the Tooth Fairy? Is it getting any better? Thanks.
    • IdiotComedy parent reply Thanks for the feedback and for watching. I'm always trying to get better and feedback helps.
  • [ – ] lilRickst3r reply Great video keep up the work by the way the video was very Enterttaining
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