"Goy, Bye" Huffington Post Writes About Steve Bannon Leaving What Is Goy?

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  • MichaelMaritato reply That's why Communists hate GOD Elohim the Creator ,THE ONE He is not religion but the common origin of all life. Your personal God is your business. And not to be used to coerce others. religion is a system built by a man to serve His own God. The Creator THE ONE is, because we are.
  • MichaelMaritato reply Education cures everything! Know the cause. All government is corrupt."we the people are the checks and balances not just the elected. the people are the final voice the deciding vote is ultimately ours not theirs. Reclaim your constitution! Before its to late and remember the constitution don't give rights you want it declares God given rights that are. You are God created and only he can control. Man cannot control what he did not create. You have a God given right to life and liberty and the pursuit of happiness.!!!!!!!
  • MichaelMaritato reply Judaism didn't exist anymore ,no temple, Talmudic Judaism is just like islamism it is a political weapon. Used to destroy stable civilizations.
  • bburnell reply I've heard this term my whole life and now I'm offended.
  • Rule62eh reply For what it's worth, did not hear any hate, just someone asking legit question. For both Jews and Muslims, their faith enforces the idea that if your not one of them ya ain't worth shit. Do some research on how many people have to switch to Judaism to marry a Jew. They can't marry outside of the Religion.
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