Masculinity: Real Chivalry is Dead

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  • [ – ] Ockhams_Cannon reply When I was alot younger I used to do the whole chivalry thing. Open car doors, pull out the chair, stand when she enters, etc. Then I grew up. I had a girlfriend when i was in my early 20's. She didn't have a car so I would drive her to her job and pretty much everywhere else she needed to be. When I would show up at the appointed times she would almost invariably not be ready and I would have to wait for her... After some time it occurred to me how disrespectful she was being to me and I let her know that it was going to be a problem if she continued. At first I merely voiced my opinion and tried to politely and gentlemanly let her know. After that she started to be on time. But I noticed she would huff and puff about me making her rush around and then act kind of bitchy towards me. It didn't take long for her to revert back to her old ways and once again I found myself waiting for her to get ready. Finally I told her that I was not going to put up with it any longer. I told her ...morethat if she wanted me to drive her to work and what not I would be happy to do it but if she insisted on disrespecting me and was not ready and waiting on the doorstep when I arrived I would just drive past and she could make other arrangements. The very next day I arrived and she was not on the doorstep and waiting so I did not even bother pulling in the driveway. I just kept on driving. I looked in the rear view and I saw her rushing down the driveway trying to flag me down.. I kept going. Thereafter I did not have to wait and she was not bitchy either. In fact she seemed to be alot more sweet and I think even more sexually receptive. She seemed to be turned on by the fact that I was in charge of myself and was not going to let her disrespect me.. But in the back of my mind I felt as if there was something fake about it. I felt that deep down she resented the fact that she felt I was sort of in charge. Later on I discovered that she would do things behind my back that she knew I did not approve of. She started to sneak smoking cigarettes and drinking liqueur. She knew I don't drink and I don't smoke and she knew that I would not be in a relationship with a woman that did. The relationship ended when she ran off with a heroin addict and moved with him to another town. Later I found out that she became pregnant with his child and he promptly left her. I feel like I dodged a bullet.
  • GanjaGamerKen reply Your psycho cunt June still ripping out her hair, Greg? When you fuck her does her wig come off or is it held on with double sided sticky tape?
  • [ – ] HadesXY reply Little direction of thought for your atheism. Do you think they really meant god is a dude living in the clouds or is it more an analogy for the most aspiring thing you can become and you can align yourself with it and walk your path with him. Wouldn't agnostic suit better if you are fond of the idea of a god but can't prove it.
    • [ – ] GanjaGamerKen parent reply Your god doesn't exist, so how's about you shut the fuck up.
      • [ – ] HadesXY parent reply You either didn't read what I wrote (what most atheist do), didn't understood it (what probably all the other atheist do) or think I don't have an ideal to work towards in my life. E.g. chivalry, in my book protecting those that need protection. Not the weak, nobody is weak. Most simply forgot their sword and shield at home. But reading your comment on this video makes me conclude that the simplest of all explanations must be that you yourself are only a sad human that indeed has no god and therefor probably don't even believe in yourself.
        • [ – ] GanjaGamerKen parent reply You are a perfect example of pompous arrogance and the Dunning -Krueger effect... What's a matter did I twist your tit the wrong way?
          • [ – ] HadesXY parent reply "Your psycho cunt June" don't think a lot about people that use words like these. So it's not Dunning-Krueger effect, I simply don't like dicks. You said my god doesn't exist. Therefor you think I don't have a goal in my life. But your sad comment makes me believe that you are the one without a goal.
            • [ – ] GanjaGamerKen parent reply Aww you triggered? June June your white knight hath doth arrived to protect thine honor and feefees from the evil internet troll! Together white knight and armoured skeptic maybe able to banish the horrible internet troll who brings your metal illness to public view. You are totally Dunning - Krueger... and you triggered... Lol Btw I don't give two tugs of a dead dog's cock about your opinion on anything. All upset cause I called a Z list internet celebrity a psycho cunt.. Which by the way she is... go search Google for her blog about how she rips her hair out... she's a fucking psycho.. no sane person does that shit.. But you don't care so you Mr. White Knight
              • [ – ] HadesXY parent reply Nah, it's more because you called some random person a cunt. Don't fucking care if it's a he/she/apache attack helicopter. And why should I be triggered. Not my problem if you don't learn something new and stay the same you are. It's not like I would get paid or anything like that if you did, so why should it trigger me. I only defended your statement that I supposedly have no goal in my life, which is wrong. But yeah, you either don't read or don't understand. Can't see any other option.
                • [ – ] GanjaGamerKen parent reply "Nah, it's more because you called some random person a cunt." so you make it a habit of being offended on behalf of someone else .. just like a sjw scum fuck "Don't fucking care if it's a he/she/apache attack helicopter" so you think there are more than two genders/sexes ? just like a sjw scum fuck "And why should I be triggered." i dunno nigga, but you are, clearly you are... "Not my problem if you don't learn something new and stay the same you are. " DUNNING KRUGER FTW !! the pure smug and pompous righteousness of this statement is astounding .. anyone who acts or believes themselves to be the intellectual superior to someone with out actually knowing the other person is the epitome of Dunning Kruger "It's not like I would get paid or anything like that if you did, so why should it trigger me." you do realize you are a hypocrite right? you are triggered and you admit that me calling June a psycho cunt triggered you into being a white knight .. right? " I only defende...mored your statement that I supposedly have no goal in my life, which is wrong. " if you defended my statement .. that i said you have no goal in life.. (which i never made any such statement.. please use citations) then wouldnt you be admitting that you have no goal in life? ... then you go on to say that is wrong... what is wrong? you defending something i never said? or you not having a goal? nigga did you have a stroke? "But yeah, you either don't read or don't understand. Can't see any other option." nice false dichotomy fallacy .. or maybe it is that you are an idiot (clearly established by your last sentence above there) and are just a dipshit that rambles incoherently .. and who thinks they are intellectually superior to everyone else Dunning Kruger my nigga Dunning Kruger ..
                  • HadesXY parent reply "use citation" -> "Your god doesn't exist" You seem very angry. Everything ok? Don't go into everything you wrote because most of it breaks down to "you don't understand"
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