Yes, the Alt-Left Exists: Yes, it is Violent

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  • [ – ] mathphysicsnerd reply Styx, you are the one person who is speaking of the future in a worried but level headed tone that I know of. I just wanted to say thank you for doing your best to make people aware of these issues; in time I shall do the same.
    • VybeyPantelonez parent reply ^^this .. totally agree. Exactly what we need right now. No fear mongering, just constructive ideas and commentary. Often ill be flustered and then listen to some styx commentary to get a laugh and i usually feel better after.. haha
  • [ – ] Driveling reply I've read things from both fringe extremes calling people who dismiss both as detrimental to this country as "cowardly." What exactly is cowardly about willingly making more enemies than either group has on its own? I've got left and right fists for a reason.
    • DickDitty parent reply Watch them Drivel, both sides are the same side, and that side intends to start the "cowards" fighting then disappear from the scene.
  • Thurisaz17 reply They're weak countermovements that mirror each other and have no true substance. Anyone who follows their ideologies is a coward and a churl.
  • [ – ] Guistols reply It is getting harder and harder to find you on youtube so I decided to follow you here.
    • [ – ] MGTOWLIFE parent reply I don't check youtube any more
      • Guistols parent reply We should still go on youtube to coordinate a general move. At this point youtube still has the numbers on its side.
    • [ – ] ClassicalLiberal parent reply I have no trouble finding him on youtube. I just prefer to support this site while Google decides to be an authoritarian censor.
      • Guistols parent reply I don't know for you, but depending on what I have viewed youtube will hide some of his videos. Some of my comments have also been censored. We might need a coordinate effort to switch to another platform.
  • [ – ] 173 reply "I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."
  • Alternatekek reply The alt left is the most violent group in America and the media wants to ignore them! Every right wing rally and demonstration has had massive alt left agitation and violence!
  • TheCommonNephil reply I am in the fight for liberty as well. you have my support.
  • Phobos_Media reply #impeachtrump was trending all day yesterday on Twitter, turns out people were trying to get him impeached BY TWEETING TO THE TWITTER HASHTAG. So sad, lefties are dumb, they don't understand how politics works and expect action based on a SOCIAL MEDIA HASHTAG. SMH
  • [ – ] FrogBros reply The term Alt-Right needs to be more finely defined or preferably removed completely from nomenclature. Alt-Left is also not required to describe Antifa or Socialist militia. These terms confuse your average citizen.
    • ClassicalLiberal parent reply This is one very important point: none of the terms are clearly defined, and even if someone tries to define them, others disagree.
    • 173 parent reply Confuse the average citizen, is precisely it's modus operandi, propagated by media conglomerates.
  • Fhokencougie reply Pretty wild how they can suppress the truth when most of us have seen this coming a long time ago. I'm calling it a setup but can they squelch this as well? On a side note Styx, check out my underwater garden when in need of some peaceful relaxation.
  • [ – ] TravisHund reply I'm really enjoying Vidme, it seems the original Styxfans when he had only like 12,000 subs have made the move here. The comment section is refreshing .
  • SirThomas reply ...And this week the MSM lost a little bit more credibility. Pulling the same crap that they used to be able to get away with before the existence of smart phones and the internet.
  • [ – ] TravisHund reply I've recently found so much interest in my Scandinavian heritage from Finland that I've started learning the language, reading mythology and that's about it. I'm sick of Identitarians making me look bad. I'm of course sick and tired of Antifa just as much, both side need to chill out. Identitsrians should chill out a out politics and focus on studying runes and listening to Wardruna. Stay out of politics. Antifa needs to get out of their moma basement and get a job.
    • [ – ] phainesthai parent reply Resentment is one hell of a drug.
      • [ – ] TravisHund parent reply I don't have any resentment in them as so much as disappointment. The only reason I was attracted to Red Ice Tv in the first place was Launa's very good in depth video about the true meaning of Yule. I never liked their political stuff. Their spiritual stuff yes.
        • phainesthai parent reply I was referring to revolutionaries and political violence with my resentment comment. But I relate. I read Robert E Lee's biography as a kid and the notion that he is ONLY a symbol of racism is ideological. He displayed many virtues at heroic levels and if I were born in Virginia I would probably have been upset by the statue going down. I lived near a statue of Lenin in Seattle, found it offensive but never would have demanded it's removal.
  • Auceza reply Civic nationalism > ethnic nationalism
  • XhoXhuXhamen reply You were blessed with an exceptional ability to express your thoughts with words, Styx. This is why your channel has grown rather quickly. Keep up the good work!
  • GlobalizationInQuestion reply You do realise you just re-explained to people why the 2nd world war happened... youd think wed learn by now
  • [ – ] kiwi_fruit reply Styx, was brought up in the chat of a Mike Cernovich live stream yesteday. Mike said he likes what Styx does but he doesn't like that he is a satanist LOL! People said he is not, others said he is no longer lol, and others said he has a big dick lol lol.
  • [ – ] lexo2000 reply Well the Alt Right is real and its been active in Europe for a long time and rather effective i may add. Personally i find the fact that both the Left and the Rights inability to call this group out disturbing. But when politics consists Liberals, Cuckservatives and the most extreme the odd TradCon as the only politicians in the west.
    • [ – ] ClassicalLiberal parent reply What do you call islamists who want sharia law? Hamed Abdel Samed, who knows islam from the inside, calls it islamic fascism. I would include them in the real, active, effective, growing Alt Right. Feminists, LGBT, ordinary liberal people who want freedom are very foolish to support those authoritarians.
      • lexo2000 parent reply Yup and thats where they crossed the Rubicon in my opinion. By joining up with these groups is the worst possible things i can imagine them doing.
  • DankMcDreamcast reply remove kebabs and sickles
  • TravisHund reply I agree and I'm a pagan white guy that has spirituality in Norse Mythology. I leave my Spirituality out of politics. #AmericanFirst
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