Calling Out The Skeptics

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  • Sock_Puppet reply People have been put into jail for wrong speak, free speech is only protected in the US, everyone else has to worry about the gestapo:
  • tarfu303 reply hope your going to keep posting on now i've got out of the goolag
  • JonTheBemused reply Great piece. You've said a lot things that need to be said right now. I have been disconcerted about complacency from the alleged victory on YT against the SJWs. Anyone who thinks that any such victory is anything more than a small battle in a very long war, and that the enemy are fanatics who will never give up, is sadly misinformed.
  • JustinZhao reply This is a case where you didn't need to read past the headline because the headline was the problem and wrongdoer itself. It had that 'When did Shatner stop beating his Wife?' quality they like to use. the article then pretends to then appeal to reason and compromise - which is just more disgusting. Shatner is wrong and worse but hey guys, lets be reasonable and not totally destroy him as worthless and evil. See, here's a moderate position - he's only very bad but gets a credit for some good! Moderate! Yea wow disgusting stuff. Was that 'salon'? yuck. horrible people. and incredibly, they are smashing a guy who's been a full-on Hollywood liberal leftist yesman as far as I can ever recall.
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