Chapter 4. Getting to know the hidden and scrying (Scry with all your might!)

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  • BellArt reply It's okay to type the word Shit on my videos as well.
  • BellArt reply I'm begging you people, empower yourselves with knowledge by searching the otherworldly dimensions in the reflection of our own. You are the key, use it to open the door and greatly widen your perspective of this condition!!! *PLEASE*!!!!
  • BellArt reply Hmm, my comment isn't showing up. I'm sorry about the noise, it's part of my tuning. I need white noise or a fan running to focus. I will use a microphone next time. Thank you for trying to watch my shitty, low-fi videos!
  • [ – ] Mr2ndopinion reply Holy sht the background noise! I'm tuning out because of it mate... hope this will get you feedback on it that people will leave because of it! Peace!
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