Concealed Carrier STOPS Active Shooter

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  • wolfalexzemla reply omg a shooting, CNN will go on a 3 day gun control rampage
  • WilliamTheGreat reply A little behind in my viewing but it's always a boost to hear about the good guys. Morons want to get rid of guns, but what always stops the idiot with the gun, knife, machete... a gun. Thanks.
  • cfandyd reply The best way to STOP an active shooter, is not to make him/her one in the first place. It is all about family and what the Government has stolen from us, including out money lives, and kids.
  • wolfalexzemla reply but but but we need to take guns away from law abiding citizens so they can become the victims to gun crime
  • [ – ] Inspector_D reply Shared!! Thank you for the Real News!!
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