How Could People Continue to Fall for Such Blatant Lies?!?

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  • D3VILSTH0RN reply ^^^ That's what I see, too. We have turned into almost everything we separated ourselves from back then. History does repeat itself. And no matter how many times the elites lose control, they will always regroup and take another stab (into our backs) at successfully achieving their NWO. The worst of it all- we fucking LET them do it, and think we can't do shit about it! 3%!!!
  • Global_Surveyor reply Once again a great video and a great vision . Thanks .
  • DanielCedrick reply I wish I could upvote this a thousand times.
  • [ – ] Menalium reply Hey bro
  • TheGreyHam reply The young "it" at the beginning of the video once again proves that lust has no boundries.
  • lonnard3 reply HighImpactFlix i found your videos on youtube about a month ago. I love them. Keep it up brother
  • Ernst reply I think I was 16 or thereabout when I concluded that the best government is no government. With this believe I grew into a wholehearted anarchist. But whenever I talked about it I quickly get portrayed as a dangerous dreamer, so... eventually I shut up. I saw many of your vids and I am *SO* happy that this believe is still alive today. That gives me hope for the future. Now with the rise of Bitcoin I wanted to publish something showing that the best monetary system is no monetary system. And I believe Bitcoin to be a trap. Seeing your vids makes me believe that you could do a MUCH better job on this. If you're interested let me know how I can send you a private message or email. You seem to think very much like I do,... well, just let me know.
  • MightyMediocreMan reply We'd best get our acts together, here in Canada, and USA, because islam is on the march. You think it's bad now? We have to be united, not splintered.
  • allisshael reply Thanks for speaking the truth!
  • DieNetaDie reply best add ever
  • lagunas reply I wonder if the Europeans came to " America" truly looking for freedom or were the pilgrims from the mayflower sent here only to eventually spread the power full kings agenda , because from what I have read in the history books the pilgrims fled from all the "kings "greed , enslavement ,taxation and their laws because it was only serving the benefits of the wealthy and the power full "kings" but here we are 396 years after their first arrival slaving for the benefits of the "Elite".
  • DuesX187 reply The cultures already been taken away from objective truth. When the forces over our system say jump, they say how high. They have us. Or at least, most of us.
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