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  • [ – ] CaptainAsianEyes reply youtube is not dead, its just dieing slowly. I'd give it about 4-5 more years before it does die all together.
    • Orginaljun parent reply I think you are right about that, there has been many changes in the past few years and the smaller youtubers are working hard to make just a couple of views. But for now lets stay on both youtube and vidme. To see what changes youtube will make. I struggle too much on youtube, even if i make funny stick animations its getting tough those views. So i will wait when vidme is ready to use adsense adverts and i will upload all of my youtube video to vidme. God speed to us all. ^^
  • esoterix reply I hope it does. With there latest censorship, I sure hope they will be gone soon.
  • Cliffhanger reply I dont feel good with YouTube à sence of coruptness
  • Rey420 reply youtube is a platform for the global elite to push their one world government agenda.
  • Bottlecapink reply Its definitely been dying via corporate suicide for a few years. Small channels like me can't get 1 view.
  • Dos_Gaming reply I haven't been on the website in 6 months and vidme has done wonders for me!
  • FirstLast reply Never too big to fail...ask Pan Am, Lehman Brothers, EF Hutton
  • TRUTHSETSUFREE reply Thousands are leaving youtube for vidme because youtube banned people investigating PIZZAGATE..Long live vidme
  • KeithIsHereYT reply Hope to see more of your videos and yes Youtube is dead, and Vidme is taking over. Thankfully!
  • [ – ] BranTheLaw reply It's on its death bed, no doubt.
  • Misogynazi reply Jewtube is dying..... Killing itself with censorship.
  • Malousak reply you have cool looking eyes xD
  • HashtagZoe reply I have no idea why YouTube is doing this! Almost impossible to grow as a smaller youtuber there! YAY VidMe for stepping up! Great video!
  • SyrupPringle reply Vid me is the new,positive youtube
  • solarpete reply Your cool go to hypno alpha male skills
  • kivari reply Like myspace?
  • jasonnovashow reply I'm new but just browsing through vidme it just feels like the content is about positivity and promoting creativity. YouTube is no longer about community and over saturated with horrible content that weighs down great content creators.
  • Rjnova reply Cool you are from Norway! I love listening to other countries cultures and stuff.
  • RitaGonzalez1 reply I cannot figure out how to use the like button more how to subscribe on vidme I just subscribed recently to follow David Seaman
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