PizzaGate is Dumb / PizzaGate Has No Victims Claim Debunked

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  • cuthbertsonnewsnetwork reply Red Silver J and his other guise Team Wake Em Up used to fool me, i would watch his stuff a lot cos he was slick professional and had the catch phrase "All I Gotta Say", he is black and gives off that "Urban Cool" but i realised he was a shill and a paid mouthpiece when he started to attack Trump, oh yes he would go against the Elite and corporates etc but what these paid shills do is throw in just 1 pearl of wisdom against what is just and that is what your left thinking about after the video ends (cleverly worked propaganda) Red Silver is probably an actor and his vids are too slick for a 1 man band which is always a red flag to me cos it suggests that they have a team behind the scenes knocking out these videos !
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