Overwatch is DRUGS! (Or, why it's so fun to play)

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  • [ – ] mathphysicsnerd reply Do you think the future in general for FPS games is this more colorful, artistically free sort of design? It seems the strictly formulaic style of games like the CoD series have finally taken their toll and people want a cooler. more fun sort of game to shoot guns in without a super heavy story and drab environment
    • TravenTalks parent reply I'd certainly hope so, and I wouldn't be surprised if it started trending that way. I've noticed there's been a tendency toward this more colourful aesthetic recently, but it seems to be for more gaming in general rather than just FPS. Who knows, maybe the rise of colourful games'd start to inspire the developers and stuff to be more creative and think of new ways to improve and change the genre and what can be blended with it and make some amazing new games, kinda like how we saw the rise of the Hero Shooter after MOBA's got popular. I'd also hope they'd still at least try and make good stories with their game, but that's just me, being a bit more of a story gamer, if that makes sense, lol. But then again, I don't the gritty aesthetic to disappear, cuz I do like that kinda look when it's done well, it's just that so many games are doing it and very few of them are doing anything genuinely new or interesting with it.
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