Beer Adventures: The Original Episodes

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  • [ – ] Y2JayDoesAsia reply Thanks for sharing, I have some suggestions for the future. 1. Don't draw attention to your production limitations, it's just unnecessary, a waste of broadcast time. Ie- don't tell people you are doing a narration or otherwise using the on site video and explain why. People don't need to know why, they just want the content, so whatever you decide on, don't tell people in the video "I decided to edit the video like this..." It's just unnecessary. Just make the video the best you can. 2. If you can get good audio or even SEMI-good audio on site, do it, and shoot even more b-roll as a backup. That way if you do decide to do narration, the entire video can be a big collection of b-roll with a narration if you so choose. 3. If the audio is semi-good, then just use it. A bit echoey but I can still understand, fine. the world is imperfect. But the only reason I would totally scrap audio really is if the wind ruined it. 4. Adding a touch of music/soundtrack underneath semi-good audio is ...morealso a good way to disguise the fact the original audio isn't very good. Perhaps the mic quality is only average, or there was a bit of background noise picked up. I've used this trick before. But the supplementary music must be quiet, being able to understand you is the most important thing. The music simply conceals from the viewer the flaws in the original audio. 5. Story, every story has a beginning, middle and end. So every beer adventure should start with an event which leads to your decision to go to whatever the location is. The middle of the story is you at the location. The end of the story is you finishing your adventure at the location or perhaps coming home from the location. Simple... but you are at least telling a story. It's the latest beer adventure. Story is important.
    • [ – ] November_Fox parent reply Thank you Y2Jay! I always appreciate your advice! I've taken a screen shot of your comment for me to reference in the future.
      • Y2JayDoesAsia parent reply Regarding point #4, take a look at my Canon EOS M3 video. I recorded it inside with my Gopro and TAKstar microphone. Despite the micophone, it still sounded echoey. I decided to add an ambient techno track into the background, just loud enough to distract from the echo but also quiet enough for me to be understanded. If you ever add music like that, always use instrumental music with no lyrics, and always make the music quiet. is a good place to go for music. PM me if you need to know how to download the music.
  • [ – ] MrJoelDee reply I really like this series and it was cool seeing some earlier videos. I like seeing you out and about. Don't get me wrong, not tired at all of your usual location for the reviews, but it's cool to me when people go out as you kinda also get a glimpse into the town or city they live in. Even if it's just inside a place, you get to actually see it rather than just hearing about it. I hate critiquing people as I think each persons creation is unique and it's up to them to do it how they best see fit, but since you asked for suggestions, only thing in this video I would have suggested is maybe a closeout of some kind. I wasn't paying attention to the little time bar and was really enjoying the video. I was kinda surprised after the last beer featured, that it just ended. I was expecting another review or you to come back with a "hope you enjoyed those" kinda thing, lol. But again, not a criticism, just a thought.
    • [ – ] November_Fox parent reply i like your suggestion of coming up with a close out! I'm not sure what I'll say yet, but I'll think of something. I know with my regular beer reviews, my close out is me raising my glass as if toasting the camera and taking a final sip. So I don't necessarily need to say something, but have some kind of a routine action to let the audience know the episode is ending. I'm really enjoy making this series and I hope no one is getting bored with my regular content, but one of the reasons I started this series was to keep things from becoming too stale or me becoming a one trick pony. Also, if you don't want to give criticism, I respect that. However, just know I will never get upset with anyone for respectful constructive criticism.
      • [ – ] MrJoelDee parent reply Nope nope nope. I never get bored with your regular content. I look forward to it all 3 times of the week. As you know, my schedule is super busy but generally as soon as you put a video out or definitely before the week is up, unless it's due to cicumstances out of my control, I never miss a video. I make time to watch your content. So, you are definitely doing everything right in my opinion. I like the closeouts on the reviews. It was just this particular video that took me by surprise. I think your wife is producing some great content as well and I always try to make time to watch her videos too. Ya'll are both doing a fantastic job in my opinion.
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