What is Aphantasia?

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  • [ – ] Sectual reply Well at least your emotions work. Thanks for explaining this. I love you man.
  • chebner reply Very interesting, never heard of this💚
  • CollegeOfCeliac reply My friend has this and introduced me to it, it is crazy. Honestly not sure how he enjoys my D&D campaign but I am glad he does, would be interesting if he imagines the scenery and encounters in an emotional and conceptual context.
  • [ – ] Nymph3aLut3a reply Good explanation. But I have to ask: Can you memorize pictures? The monster example: if you see a movie with a monster, if you here later on someone saying something about a monster - would you see the movie monster with your inner eye if you think of it? It´s hard for me to imagine, I think in pictures up to 90 of the time.
    • ForgottenRoots parent reply I can memorise pictures, but I cannot conjure them up later on. They exist in my memory only as some kind of intellectual concepts.
  • WhiteExperience reply Have you ever tried meditations? Maybe you could have a better or different kind of result than the average people do. It would be interesting anyways.
  • StellyAndTheMonkey reply Wow this is so weird :o do you think it is a good thing, or a bad things? What advantages does it have?
  • TheWolfAmongSheep reply The music is a bit to loud, it triumphs your voice at points.
  • Buttinzki reply Spock finds emotional core. Nice work.
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