Alien liquid

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  • [ – ] SlimeMonsta reply Nice vid. But I do want to poke at a few things really quick. To be blunt, the vid is way too short. I know the video is a speed art but you usually want to aim for like a full-length song/track. About 3minutes or so; just enough time to showcase your process. Other than that, the art is nice. I do feel like it could've had more pop to it, especially on a Tee-shirt with complementary cel-shading.
    • [ – ] Penitent_Velociraptor parent reply Regarding cell shading, im not sure how to get that effect. im novice .
      • SlimeMonsta parent reply There are many ways to go about it. But the best way, in my opinion, would have each color in a separate layer. (Ex; Blues, Reds, Yellows) then use a clipping layer to place complementing colors.
    • [ – ] Penitent_Velociraptor parent reply Thank you so much for the positive critique . I'm always on the lookout for advice you shared. I will make a new video, and try to shoot for 3 minutes start to finish .
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