Sonic Forces his fans to stop posting their mental problems on the internet

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  • [ – ] Cinos_the_Dense_Potato reply Tagen, its time to count every shitty edge joke
  • [ – ] MrATAndreiThomas reply I have to admit I'm not only a huge Nintendo, Pokemon and Sony Playstation Fan but I Am also a Huge Sonic Fan but I don't act like one of those mental sonic weirdos online if anything I'm a humble sonic fan even though I disagree what IGN said that sonic was never good when I know the sonic games are good. My most favourite sonic character is Shadow the hedgehog and I all ready have come up 3 Sonic OCs for Sonic Forces as I am getting that game on the Nintendo switch this holiday.
    • [ – ] tageneislover parent reply Thank you for commenting on my video! To be honest, not all of the comments were bad actually. 50% of them were actually pretty funny. Anyway, I don't really care about people making Sonic OCs, but I hate it when people ship their OCs with other main Sonic characters, like Shadow or something like that. By the way, if you enjoyed this video, then follow my channel to stay tuned for more content. I also have a Youtube channel, just in case you're wondering. Oh and also, I got a Discord server for people that support my content. Tell me if you want the link.
      • [ – ] MrATAndreiThomas parent reply I don't make videos on YouTube and I am going to their website because of their deceitfulness by the fact they lied about the unsubscribe glitch issue which got me to leave youtube permanently.
        • tageneislover parent reply It's true that Youtube doesn't manage things well at all lately. I'm still there though, because I've been watching videos there for many years (I think since 2008 or something or even before that). Anyway, Vidme has a better style and many creators from Youtube are coming here. I uploaded a parody video with Bonzi Buddy on Youtube and it got blocked in 3 countries, without really violating the US law for Fair Use. I uploaded it here for the users that couldn't really watch the video and I got to say: Vidme has a better copyright system. Anyway, both websites have amazing content. The only difference is ghat Vidme has a better copyright system a better looking website (in my opinion of course). I hope that Vidme gets more exposure. But hey, I'm not wishing for Youtube to die, but it wouldn't be a problem for me if Vidme reached the popularity of Youtube one day.
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