Even Reluctant Hollande Classes Paris Attack as Terrorism

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  • SkogComplex reply Styx, I love your videos, and ideas, but a few things. The left does not want to debate. I kind of think you know this. They want to weasel into power by any means available , and then use their political power to destroy their opponents. They don't really believe in their ideals either , which is why they don't want to debate them.
  • Perseus_Gold reply The clank of your spoon in your cup sounded like it was coming from my cup until I could see it on the screen. Totally blowing my mind.
  • Perseus_Gold reply I can't help but think election fraud will spoil this election. I don't want to see what happens if someone further Right than LePen is forced to rise by pushing the issue down the road further.
  • mistrx reply Styx, post link to your Minds account. It is great platformy, much Vetter than Facebook. You are already there, so why not use it
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