C64 GORF! [Retro Gaming]

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  • [ – ] Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply This was top of the line for home computer systems back in the day. You could really have fun for awhile. Not quite as stunning as the arcade games of yesteryear but you didn't have to use up all your quarters playing Gorf. I was such an arcade addict!
    • MysticSword parent reply Indeed. I first played Gorf in the video arcade, but then I got a version of it on my Vic-20 Computer on cartridge. I spent many an hour playing that game. Then a few years later, after getting a Commodore 64 computer, I also had Gorf for that as well. Thinking back on it, I'd say I more preferred the Vic-20 version compared to the C64 one. Ahh, nostalgia. Now I can occasionally use emulators on my PC to play some of these old gems. It's like going back in time a bit, enjoying a little piece of gaming history and I hope some people that watch these "old school games" videos I'm making can enjoy it as well. Cheers! :)
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