MGTOW Aren't Fighting For Anything

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  • ramram9000 reply Hello Angry im a man who is going his own way and i have a story to tell you. Recently I was forced to go on a date against my own will but I ditch her(I didn't give a fuck). We meet at work were I have a great position in management at work and when I got this promotion the females looked at me like a great piece of meat. When this happened it was the most uncomfortable felling I've ever felt. She's hitting the wall and has kids! She is desperate to get married but I know better not to fall for this trap. Share my story and tell men its OK to say NO!! ALL ROADS LEAD TO MGTOW OR DEATH OR EVEN WORSE!!! THERE MORE THINGS WORSE THAN DEATH!! AND BEING WITH A WOMAN IS SLAVERY!!
  • Honest_liad reply They are so much afraid, they make it be a movement in their head, hahaha
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