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  • JoeyCuz reply Great you drink shit beers before your productions you say????? Well I guess that would be like an ugly chick trying to be a fluffer in porn.... Not a good way to get going
  • JoeyCuz reply What are we looking at today you ask? The girl with the big titties you dumb ass..
  • JohnnyConcho reply Cheers everyone! Nice brew girl.
  • JoeyCuz reply Shit! If you were to get a close look at those boobs, she will poke both your eyes out with them nipples
  • Jdawg54874 reply U know u could do lunch at the thirsty pagan n have beer
  • Jdawg54874 reply More 50bmg than 9mm ummmm I might have helped with that ur 5906 and ppq sure shoot nice
  • Jdawg54874 reply Come on I'll help sight in those rifles and shoot the 10mms
  • midwayshooter reply The good stuff , the cold and on sale beer. I have had it ....CHEERS Bro.
  • Jdawg54874 reply Here from work
  • gilliland426 reply for me i would rather have vodka or whiskey sent to me not beer Eric!
  • TheRealCobraBurnout reply ( o Y o ) !!!!!!!!!!!!!! ===== } ~~~~~
  • gilliland426 reply i love the keystone ice beer 5.9% $13.69 a 30 pack here!
  • gilliland426 reply nice brew chick with great tits!
  • gilliland426 reply 1st! cheers!!
  • DesertGold reply Breaking news. Applebees has $1 Long Island Ice Teas for the month of December! I'm so screwed!
  • Fumasterchu reply Another fine review my friend, and I finally found that awesome song at the end! Cheers brother!
  • DesertGold reply Definitely second RCB's suggestion to watch Longmire on Netflix. Love his 45ACP that he carries for his duty pistol. Wyoming is also gorgeous.
  • [ – ] TheRealCobraBurnout reply Benefaction, Honorarium, Remittance .... just some words I thought would be fun to hear you TRY and say during a beer review.
  • ATFsucks reply I just opened up my vidme page, and They said they are shutting it down on Dec 14th. What the fuck!!!! I guess it was free and fun while it lasted. I like the domestic beer reviews, lol. Eating Limburger cheese brings you back to your grandfather, thats cool! I would like for you to take me down memory lane, and review a 16oz can of old Milwaukee. My grandfather would drink that, smoke winston, eat cut up meat and cheese plate, and watch pro bass fishing. God dam I miss him!!!! cheers brother.
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