You Reposted In The Wrong Neighborhood - Turtle Dance - BakedGamer & Friends

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  • [ – ] NylaVox reply Turtles are awesome!!
    • [ – ] IBakedGamerI parent reply They are =D this turtle here was hatched the same day i was born xD also just welcomed a new member to the family, will be getting HD shots soon :P the colours on this animal are just wow thanks for commenting its been a while i hope youre doing well!
      • [ – ] NylaVox parent reply I have two just like em' they are so cute when, I put em' out in the sun. It has indeed been a longtime, I am doing well, I hope you are as well friend~~ XX <3 XX
        • [ – ] IBakedGamerI parent reply awe! that is adorable haha just basking under the Sun =] lad to read that you are doing well. things got better but hey we are all trying to get through the weeks xD, thank you Nyla!
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