Know Your Enemy

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  • BruceShepard1970 reply It's absolutely ironic and hypocritical of Antifa to oppose fascism. LMAO! Do you know why fascism exists? Fascism was formed in Europe to oppose three detrimental ideologies that corrupted society. Liberalism, Marxism, and Anarchism. So every time you complain about fascism or call someone a fascist think about this. The way you use force in rioting and protests to dictate to government and society is fascist itself. Hitler was a fascist because of Liberalism, Marxism, and Anarchism. Though what he did was unacceptable, it is clear that the cause for his rise to power was the ideology of liberalism among the other two. So liberalism played a partial role in Hitler's rise to power. Selfish people like Antifa want to call people fascists but use fascist tactics of protest, political leverage, and even appealing to liberally hung supreme court. How much more fascist can you get when you use the supreme court to dictate your opinions on society? If it wasn't for fascism, NONE OF YOU would...more even have the rights to protest under the symbol of freedom that represents your freedom and rights to protest. That is why flag stompers are not only illogical, it is self defeating to trample and protest a symbol of your freedom to protest. You live in a country that gives you the right to freedom of speech. But because of your fascist tactics while you hypocritically call everyone else a fascist that disagrees, no one gives a flying dog turd what you think because you're stupid, uninformed, uneducated and you believe bull shit leftist politicians feed you in social media and on TV. TURN OFF THE FREAKIN TV! You keep up this stupid gang style terrorist group and guess what will happen. You will force Americans to agree with Trump to enforce Martial Law to make the streets safe again. Oh and plus we conservatives have WAY more guns than you so a civil war would wipe you out in a matter of hours. The only thing Antifa is doing for society is making things worse. Get a life. Get a job. AND SHUT THE FUCK UP!
  • [ – ] yougotwinsometime reply Screw your manhood we want all women such snowflake trash practice dressing up as a woman we need some meme magic here praise kek and the meme lord trump haha im heading A NEW DAILY VID ME VIEWER PRAISE KEK
  • GeorgeMcGee reply Pantyfa. Panties Panties Pantyfa ha ha ha. Pantyfas in bras.
  • Metal_Replay_Gaming reply so antifa doesn't even like antifa now kek
  • XELASOMA reply This is the kind of thing we would see in England where a satirical comedy show would mock a political movement. Antifa does their job for them.
  • xsxhyena reply hahahaahahahah
  • BruceShepard1970 reply Yea there's a war alright and Antifa is the leftist patsy organization training liberals to be scapegoats and patsies.
  • Take10 reply bahahaha that ending was awesome! the turnaround was gem stone!
  • PKVariance reply No, no, no, it's not anTIfa, it's antiFA!
  • Zombienomicon reply She definitely needs to pull that black cloth down and uncover herself. After that if she wants to she could uncover her face, too. :)
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