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  • [ – ] Netsurferx Funny vid
  • AdventuresOfSuze Should be all sorted now folks...LMK if you're still having problems and if you're not having problems send me all your love 😁❤️
  • AdventuresOfSuze In the meantime, make sure you've enjoyed all the other videos on the channel! You can have extra fun upvoting while we wait for everything to get sorted <3
  • [ – ] Netsurferx Same here - black screen
    • [ – ] AdventuresOfSuze parent ok kids, it's not me! it's a vidme technicality so you'll just have to hold on folks.....I have emailed the team. You can do also if you want : I'm sure it'll be fixed by the weekend :-)
  • [ – ] dchayden1 hmmm im getting a black screen on this one as well...these subscription vids are just not playing :( sadly
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