Alienware R6 PC Unboxing

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  • [ – ] HailKira reply Really nice looking rig, how is it treating you? I think that button is a bios reset button, used in case you mess up overclocking... The other switch thing Im not sure...
    • [ – ] ChrisAtariNerd parent reply The button at the back right?
      • HailKira parent reply I just seen another alienware computer that has a button on the power supply, that was used to test the power supply or something. So I have no idea, lol.
      • HailKira parent reply Yeah, I have seen one of those before and it was used to reset the bios to default. I also seen another switch thing like that, which was a push button overclocking feature... So Im not totally sure...
  • TigerJelly reply I really need to save up & upgrade my pc ^^
  • [ – ] ProfessorHicman reply I thought my new GTX 1050 and my i5 was good, but this just rekts my self bought present. (B-day was the 4th)
    • ChrisAtariNerd parent reply Happy Birthday . Well can't blame you bro, there is always new tech that goes out like every month now. Soon, my rig is going to be a thing of the past.
  • [ – ] beigeboy reply ok wow alienware. how did u afford that,
    • [ – ] ChrisAtariNerd parent reply save money
      • [ – ] beigeboy parent reply ha, i cant save money, im married with a child, all my money goes on my son, my pc aint bad so im ok with upgrading, iv got a i7 gtx 750 but i will be up grading my graphics card to a gtx 1050 6gb in like 4 months
        • ChrisAtariNerd parent reply You can still save bro, like $50 a month or so. I know by the time you save enough money the one I currently have will be cheaper and there will be a newer and better gear on the market. But yeah, family comes first before our hobby. =)
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