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  • [ – ] Fighting_Zenith reply I think we owe the Popeye movie a very sincere apology. Yes, I still think that it's a legitimately good movie, unlike some people... (Not mentioning names.)
  • [ – ] LIBERTYSWF reply Well at least out of all the cast Michael B. Jordan almost immediately got a shot of redemption.
    • Seawolf25 parent reply I Actually like him, in a better written story, with much better directing, he could of made an excellent Johnny Storm.
  • LIBERTYSWF reply The F also stands for a very different connotation.
  • essamazizo76 reply Dude U're so Funny LOOOOL but for The Record This Part of Fantastic .. Was The Worst one .. So Bored
  • [ – ] CaptainDeci reply Just finished watching this on YouTube but I'm gonna comment here. I actually like the other movie more than this one. This one was just cringeworthy bad, and the Critic's reaction to dark rooms was so spot on to my reaction with this movie and its dark rooms. Its like come on, I can't see a god damn thing. Lighting is key when making a film, and the lighting department for this movie as well as all of the other stuff in it, failed. Big time.
  • BiGEd5 reply I love this video sadly the reboot of fantastic four sucks
  • rebeledgeentertainment reply The fact the director was drunk the entire time filming this isb not a shock. I would see the script too and say "give me a bottle".
  • Crashmagnet reply They are ruining our heros on purpose when will you all get that, wake up
  • Crashmagnet reply The last airbender is beyond shit buddy
  • awesomeninjaman reply even the last airbender was better
  • JaliqWright reply Visit my stream
  • Tannimay reply This was fant4stic.
  • chelchoargueta reply How is this on vidme but not on youtube yet?
  • Nsswede reply Hollywood sucks
  • Nsswede reply Mouth dew
  • kwendy reply How come literally everyone knows what direction to take and who to put to the work on those things except actual people in charge?
  • mrgameandpie reply The Fantastic Four was always my favorite superhero team, and while the previous two movies at least got a good grasp on the characters, this movie gets absolutely nothing about the series. Worst part is that Marvel stopped making the FF comics, likely because of these very movies. I hope Fox gives up the rights to these characters sooner than later, so that I can at least get the comics back.
  • sogzelink reply Netflix need to save fantastic 4.
  • Clydefrog reply Highly entertaining, as always. Thanks for telling us about Vidme, Critic!
  • RottenEgg reply well nice to see you guys here...fanart is coming.
  • DetectorCliche reply When will people stop ratting on the fact that his name is Victor Von Doom? Am I the only one on Earth who feels that it just is what it is and shrugs it off?
  • DetectorCliche reply When will people stop ratting on Doom's name is Victor Von Doom. Am I the only one on Earth who feels that it just is what it is and just shrugs it off.
  • asterisks reply This is one of those films that I watched only to see if it was as bad as everyone had said. Yes, it really was that bad.
  • [ – ] Chef_Batman_INC reply Holy crap this movie is bland
  • ScottSand523431 reply At least in Civil War the major action shown on screens within were from past movies where said action scenes were the major action from PAST FILMS
  • Florella reply ... is that the Johnny Quest intro thing?
  • AnimeFreakVidme reply Man the FF just can't catch a break in Hollywood!
  • Creeps_United reply I really need to write my Fantastic Four script and send it to FOX before they give the rights back to Marvel.
  • Phrenomythic reply Love your content! Hope will provide a more viable alternative!
  • DisgracedDoor reply Forgot about this
  • JohnnyQuinn25 reply LOL this movie 😂😂 wow
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