Do You Know WHY Media Will Continue To Be Censored

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  • ClimatePonziLie reply They hate it when you post links because it goes around their algorithms, as it circumvents their trying to control who see internet traffic. They have Brainwashed many people to think that it's a wrong. Don't bow to these Corporate MASTERS, Think about it just how dangerous is a link too you !!! It isn't but what does it mean to their Algorithms and their ability to control the information and the narrative. Alexa, are you connected to the CIA? Alexa do you work for the CIA?
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Geo Engineering is massive pollution on a large scale, why are they not prosecuted for releasing pollution in the air. Everyone is ignoring the real cause of many of the problems, Look up and see what is the real cause of your sickness. If your upset about Climate Change while they ignore the biggest source causing Climate Change. Geo Engineering. There running a scam on us all, who is allowing them to dump their toxic waste, in the air instead of disposing of it the right way. This Geo Engineering is killing the plankton in the ocean and the Whales are dying as this toxic mix accumulates in them. Are these Chemicals destroying the Ozone layer also. Why haven't they courts of the USA issued an injunction on these Chemtrails. These are private companies that should be charged with genocide. Why is Alzheimer's, ADD in Children and Allegories at an ALL time high, Aluminum being sprayed in the Air is killing the trees as it stops them from absorbing nutrients. Where is the NYT on this issu...moree, or CNN, ABC, CBC, Global, MSNBC, but they push the fake CO2 BS, while ignoring the real environmental criminals. Again why hasn't the Liberal Courts declared an INJUNCTION on Chemtrails. To disprove a conspiracy theory a person just needs to look up into the sky. Conspiracy theory debunked. It doesn't matter how healthy you eat if your getting your daily dose of aluminum poisoning, as it absorbed into your food. Chemtrails In League With The Devil
  • ClimatePonziLie reply TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW to watch this video Before it's too Late... Chemtrails - HAARP & Weather Manipulation - Meteorologist Decode Methods 'Climate Change' Bill Whittle on Climate Change...all 4.5 billion years of it. Climate Change Fraud Exposed. (NOT FOR PUBLIC RELEASE) Watch this video before it's too late Part 2
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Scientist Decimates CNN's Brian Stelter on Global Warming Hysteria The Sad Truth About The Paris Climate Accord Al Gore: I Was Wrong About Global Warming... | Learn About It
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